Truck Accident Lawyer: Getting Proper Care in Candler-McAfee, Georgia
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Finding an Attorney in Candler-McAfee, Georgia After a Truck Accident

Being involved in a truck accident can change your life in every aspect. Whether it’s mentally, emotionally, or physically, it is something most people seem to relive many times and can be difficult to cope with after having to go through the process of suing for negligence. That’s where we come in to help lighten the load for you after your truck accident. Here at Car Wreck Doctor, we partner with our experienced truck accident attorneys in Candler-McAfee, Georgia to assist you with your case. You will have the opportunity to meet with the attorneys on a one-on-one basis to discuss how we work to earn you the compensation you deserve. We’re here to give our clients peacefulness after going through a traumatic experience. We take pride in making sure you leave our offices a winner!

The Aftermath of A Truck Accident

What happens after an accident involving a truck can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Physically, you may obtain new injuries to your body, head, or anything internal that can affect you short term, long term, or permanently. Mentally, you could go into a cycle of revisiting the same horrendous events that got you here in the first place. It’s also a burden to have to deal with finding a good truck accident lawyer who can help you recover and return back to yourself. Car Wreck Doctor’s lawyers in Candler-McAfee, Georgia provide a helping hand to ensure your time isn’t wasted and you receive the compensation you deserve.

A truck tipping over after an accident from negligent driving in Candler-McAfee, Georgia

Different Types of Truck Accidents in Candler-McAfee, Georgia

There are numerous reasons truck accidents happen on the road. Things like fatigue, negligence, or mechanical issues with the truck are some of the ways it can occur. A few examples of truck accidents include:

Rollover Accidents

In these types of accidents, weather conditions are a huge factor in this occurring. Making sharp turns is also a common cause of a truck flipping over and causing an accident. Carefully driving next to a truck, and giving it space is the best way to avoid these truck accidents.

Sideswipe Accidents

While this is more common with two small vehicles, this can still happen with a truck. It is usually more difficult for truck drivers to see other car drivers when changing lanes. Be cautious when driving alongside a truck when they have their turning signals on.

Head-On Collisions

This may not be as common as the other types of truck accidents, but it can still happen in an instance. Accidents like this are a result of driver’s fatigue, or malfunctioning of the driver’s vehicle. Truck or car. It can also happen at intersections when the negligent party isn’t fully paying attention. 

Underride Accidents

These accidents happen when a smaller vehicle rides underneath a truck. This is a result from a car driving too close to a truck, or the truck braking too early next to the smaller vehicle. 

Rear-End Collisions

When a truck tails another car or vice versa, rear-end collisions are bound to happen more often. Allowing enough space between the truck and car is the best way to avoid these types of collisions. Also, abiding by traffic laws by going the speed limit while behind someone is another way to avoid this.

A truck that has flipped over after being in an accident in Candler-McAfee, Georgia

Negligence: What Makes Someone Responsible for a Truck Accidet in Candler-McAfee

Negligence is failure to care for a person that would exercise their care in similar circumstances. With that being said, you must prove negligent behavior is what caused your property damage, injuries, and/or fatality of a loved one. Here are some ways to prove negligence:

Proving Who's Wrong in the Accident

There must be proof that the defendant was in the wrong in this case. Whether it be the truck driver for not complying with the traffic laws for trucks in Candler-McAfee, Georgia, or the truck company for not having fully-functioning equipment that would clear the truck for travel. Having all the proper documentation from the accident is the best way to prove this.

Negligent Reason for the Accident Occuring

In order for an accident to happen, negligence must be high prior to it happening. Some negligent reasons can include: texting/driving, distracted driving, speeding, and equipment failure. In order to receive compensation for your injuries, property damage, and/or emotional damage, one of these reasons must be proven in court.

Suffering Damages You Qualify for by Law

This is also where documentation is key. Having proof like medical records, witness statements, and evidence from the scene will help determine the damages you’ve encountered. You will be promptly compensated for any and all damages you reported with actual paperwork.

Documenting every little thing during this case is crucial. Collecting evidence, talking to witnesses, and going to the doctor immediately are some ways to keep up with your claim. Failure to do any of these things can result in you not receiving compensation due to lack of evidence of negligent behavior from the defendant.

A red truck that has been smashed in a truck accident in Candler-McAfee, Georgia

What to do After a Truck Accident

Although it can be a dramatic experience being in a truck accident, there are still steps that need to be taken in order to move forward with your claim. These steps are simple, but can be time consuming if not acted upon immediately. After being in a truck accident, you must:

  • Call the police

This should be done after the accident. Contact authorities as soon as possible.

  • Get medical attention immediately

After speaking with the police, seek medical help for any injuries you may have sustained.

  • Record everything at the scene of the accident

Take pictures, video, and audio of the surrounding scene. You’ll need all the proof you can get for your claim.

  • Collect contact information from witnesses

Getting witnesses names and accounts of the incident is vital. Make sure that you speak with anyone and everyone that was present at the scene.

  • Contact an attorney through Car Wreck Doctor

Here’s your last step to winning your case. We know that contacting an attorney is tough, so we simplify the process for you by asking for your name, email address, phone number, and some information about the accident itself. 

Following these steps will give you the best chance to win. Not only do you need to gather all the information, but you also need a truck attorney that will maximize your winnings. 

Schedule A Free Consultation Now

Our truck accident attorneys in Candler-McAfee, Georgia will work hard to get back all of your losses. This includes lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, property damages, and permanent injuries sustained in the accident. We provide a free consultation for you to speak with our expert truck accident attorneys one-on-one without a fee. We at Car Wreck Doctor look to help you in every aspect of the case and to regain your well-being in the process. Start your claim with us now by scheduling a free consultation with one of our truck accident attorneys. We will not charge you a dime until the judge and jury awards you with your compensation. Until then, we will help you all the way to that point, no strings attached.


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