Best Car Accident Lawyer in Frankfort, Kentucky with a Car Wreck Doctor Referral
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Choose the Best Frankfort Car Accident Lawyer with a Car Wreck Doctor Referral

Car crashes occur every day across the country and across the globe, often times with injuries, minor or major, that justify seeking an auto accident attorney. They even occur in Frankfort, Kentucky. Some people are mildly inconvenienced in only a minor car accident; and some people's lives are irreparably broken. Regardless of where you have landed on this most unfortunate spectrum, one thing remains the same, the problems resulting from someone else's negligence must be dealt with. It doesn't matter the reason for their negligence, be it distracted driving or if they are a drunk driver. If they are the at fault driver, they should be held responsible by a vetted accident lawyer. 

If you are one of the unfortunate souls involved in a car accident caused by a negligent driver know there are people who can help you.

Car Wreck Doctor has been working tirelessly for years, building a vast weblike network in Frankfort and compiling the best car wreck doctors, chiropractors, and arguably most importantly, car accident injury attorneys.

We believe that the legal aspect of your journey toward recovery is the most important because it deals with two things that most people care about practicality and justice.

If someone else's negligence injured you, Car Wreck Doctor asks why you should be responsible for paying for the medical expenses. The simple answer is you shouldn't be liable for medical costs, but those responsible should. Your settlement will finance your recovery and make fair compensation for the inconvenience and pain you have been put through. Having an accident lawyer at your disposal after motor vehicle accidents to fight for your rights will not only finance your body's healing but will go to great lengths to help your peace of mind following your accident claim.

Visit our main Car Accident Attorney Referral page to get in touch with the best local lawyer available. Begin your fight for your right to receive the maximum compensation possible following your car accident.


Types of Injuries Following a Car Accident

As previously mentioned, millions of people are injured yearly due to car accidents. Thankfully, many of these injuries, such as cuts and bruises, are insignificant. However, just because the physical ramifications of your accident may appear minor does not mean they are.

The prime duty of an experienced car accident lawyer is to help accident victims pay for your injuries and property damage by holding the insurance company of the at-fault party responsible in Frankfort. So before discussing the finer points of car wreck legal representation for insurance claims, let us explore the physical aspects accompanying an injury.

For some injuries, such as whiplash, it may take hours or even days for symptoms to occur. You could walk away from the accident feeling completely fine and wake up the following day in tremendous pain. The only way to detect it early is to see a healthcare provider trained to observe the telltale signs early on.



Whiplash is one of the most common car accident injuries one can sustain, even in Frankfort. Simply put, it occurs when the neck is thrust quickly forward and backward rapidly. It gets its name because the option resembles the cracking of a whip, and even though it is most frequently associated with car accidents, that is not always the case. Whiplash can occur for a variety of different reasons.

The physical symptoms of whiplash vary, but it generally involves soreness, stiffness, and back pain, but it can spread to your shoulders.

What makes whiplash so particularly tricky is that it takes time to notice. It takes hours or even days sometimes for accident victims to begin feeling pain. You should visit a local Frankfort medical care professional immediately after an accident to keep the condition from worsening.


Neck and Back Pain

Apart from whiplash, generalized neck and back pain can also occur, sometimes immediately after the accident. Although, like whiplash, it could take time to develop as well.

You may have pain in one specific area or all across your neck and back. Regardless of how the pain has manifested, our Frankfort licensed medical professional needs to treat it as soon as possible.

Back pain can be a significant inhibitor to your daily quality of life. It could make simple tasks such as driving, walking, or even sitting down to dinner a painful experience.



Believe it or not, inflammation is a prevalent condition after a car accident.

It is a natural occurrence not exclusive to trauma caused by a car accident. When a body is injured, the natural response is to inflame the area so blood flow can increase and remove damaged tissue to heal best.

Inflammation can often be observed by watching the swelling in the body, which regrettably can be pretty painful. It may also cause you to feel worse than it is until the swelling and inflammation decrease.


Herniated Disk

A slipped disk is a potentially excruciating condition resulting from a car accident.

Otherwise known as a ruptured disk, it can cause interior leakages, weakness, damage to other nerves, numbness, and pain.

The disk has a soft squishy center and a rugged exterior, rupturing when it is forcibly pushed out of place.

Sometimes they can heal themselves, but some get even worse as time goes by. That is why you should always be careful and contact a medical professional to take care of them.

These are only a few of the most common forms of auto accident injuries. Other conditions such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis, or even death can also occur. 


How Do You Know if You Need a Personal Injury Law Firm in Frankfort?

For most people, this is the hardest part of their recovery journey, and a lot of consideration needs to go into determining whether you need an experienced attorney to cover your case. Questions such as how bad are your injuries, who was at fault, and how much effort are you willing to spare to get the compensation you need?

A good rule to live by is that if your injuries are worse than just some superficial damage, such as scrapes, cuts, or bruises, you should have an attorney lined up to help you prove your injuries so you will not be cheated out of the compensation you deserved.

To put it bluntly, if you were at fault for the accident as determined by the Frankfort authorities and the insurance companies, you can not expect to receive compensation. However, if you are the injured party whose condition was caused by the negligence of a third party, then yes. Not only should you not be paying for your property damage, but you should also be fighting for your right to compensation.

Being in an accident is stressful, and whether or not you want to pay a significant amount of attention, you will have to. It is a stressful, emotional, and anxious time. Then add on the additional burden of determining who is actually at fault and then mounting an attack for trying to get those responsible for paying for it. Why not take off some of that additional stress by bringing on an experienced car accident lawyer whose job is to fight for your right to compensation?


What Exactly Does a Good Frankfort Auto Accident Attorney Do For You?

Before you even reach out to your insurance company following your car accident, it is recommended that you reach out to your auto accident attorneys first.

You should call your lawyer first because they will help you handle everything you have been through, including the losses sustained. It will be an additional shoulder offered to help you carry the burden of this most unfortunate occurrence.

They will also give you further support for dealing with your insurance claims. Even though the insurance company is there to help you, they are still a business, and businesses do not like to give money or resources away. Insurance companies have been known to use even simple and seemingly innocent phrases such as "I'll be okay" against you to deny your claim. It is when dealing with such tricky organizations that it's good to have an expert in the field on your side.

A few of the losses you may have experienced after your accident are damage to your person, damages to your car, lost wages if work is missed, emotional distress, disability, PTSD, wrongful death, pain, and other non-economic damages. An experienced personal injury attorney in Frankfort will be able to help determine the extent of your damage and help you determine how much money you are owed from the liable parties. They will know the ins and outs of these conditions through their many years of experience and help you get the best figure possible, which is surprisingly tricky to determine for yourself.

What is a Car Accident Injury Referral?

A Car Accident injury referral is one of the various services we offer at Car Wreck Doctor in Frankfort. Our business is ensuring your needs are met after being injured in a car accident. Many people do not know what to do immediately after a car accident, let alone who to call to take care of their affairs. That's where we come in. We have spent years making relationships with the best chiropractors, doctors, and lawyers in your area so that when a catastrophic injury happens, we can point them in the right direction to ensure they get the care needed for their physical injuries. 

However, it is essential to remember that if you choose to go with the auto accident lawyer we refer, they often work with a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee is usually a blessing for clients they work with. All a contingency fee means is that the lawyer does not take a dime from you until after a) the claim has reached its conclusion and b) you win. That's right. Your lawyer will not accept any of your money but only a percentage of what you are awarded for your claim, typically 33%.

Another common question is if your legal representation takes a percentage, will you still have enough to pay for your treatment and repairs? Remember, the lawyer is there to help the injured person after automobile accidents, your recovery and relief of your physical pain comes first, and the fee the lawyer takes is built automatically into the claim they are asking for. Do not let the cost of an attorney's services be a factor for your getting treatment because they shouldn't be.


How Can You Help Your Personal Injury Lawyer Following Your Car Accident?

Even though it is your experienced lawyers job to get you the compensation you deserve following your accident, there are certain things you can do to make their jobs easier and thus make your earnings more readily available.

Take pictures of the accident scene. If your injuries allow, document everything. Take photos of the scene, the car's themselves, your injuries, and anything that could be relevant to your case. It would also be prudent to gather witness statements, if applicable, and make an accident report with the police. Your lawyer will also need access to your medical records Remember, every piece of evidence you collect for your attorney is another weapon in their arsenal in the fight for your personal injury claim.

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