Car Accident Chiropractor3 Best Ways To Treat Back Pain After A Car Accident
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It's not unsurprising for severe accidents to cause injury, but even minor accidents can cause significant pain and damage.

Even after what seems to be a harmless fender bender, soft tissue injuries and back injuries, in particular, are very common.

The sudden and jarring impact caused by motor vehicle accidents can easily cause back injuries.

And sometimes, the symptoms of these injuries aren't noticed until hours, days, or weeks after the accident.

However, if you don't receive prompt medical treatment for back injuries and other common injuries after car accidents, you can suffer from chronic pain and other complications.

So, how should you treat back pain after a car accident?

We'll explore that question and more in the article below.

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What Causes Back Injuries In Auto Accidents?

When a negligent driver hits your car during an auto accident, your body is still moving until something stops it.

Hopefully, it's your seatbelt, but it could also be your steering wheel, dashboard, or even your windshield that abruptly halt your body's movement.

The worst scenario is that your body finally stops when it hits the ground.

The violent motion caused by the collision can sprain, fracture, and severely injure numerous body parts.

The areas around your neck, spinal cord, and back are particularly vulnerable.

Back injuries, neck injuries, and various other injuries are often noticed in head-on, rear, and side-impact collisions, but even minor incidents can impact your back and mobility.

What are the symptos of back injuries

Back Injury Symptoms After Vehicle Collisions

Common car accident injuries leave you feeling sore all over, making it difficult to determine if your injury is back-related.

Since your spine includes your cervical spine and travels down your back to your lumbar spine, the pain you experience can radiate to many different areas.

Back pain after your car accident can be the result of inflammation, fractures, or compressed nerves.

The symptoms you experience can range from manageable discomfort to a complete inability to perform everyday tasks. 

Back injury symptoms you may experience after a car accident are: 

  • Back Stiffness: Many people lose flexibility after a car accident because their muscles tense up to protect their bodies. This stiffness may subside shortly after the accident or could persist for days or weeks without medical care.
  • Sharp pain: After an accident, even typical movements like getting out of bed or standing up after sitting for a while can cause sharp acute pain in your back. 
  • Pain and discomfort walking or standing: Any physical activity can become uncomfortable if you have a back injury. For example, you may feel a throbbing or mild pain when performing daily tasks.
  • Muscle spasms: Your back muscle may repeatedly twitch, knot, or become tender on the outside of your body. Muscle spasms can become debilitating.    
  • Burning pain: Burning sensations may move down your back and buttocks through the back of one or both legs. This pain could be a mild ache that quickly goes away or a burning pain that lasts for days.  
  • Numbness or tingling: Your spinal cord connects to your extremities, so tense muscles may pinch nerves leading to sensations of tingling or numbness in your legs, feet, arms, or hands.

Headaches, dizziness, or disorientation may also occur from cervical vertebrae injuries from whiplash.

Facet joint injuries can cause neck or shoulder pain.

Since there is such a range of symptoms, you should note how you feel, what activities increase your pain, how often it occurs, and seek medical care right away to prevent permanent damage from occurring.


Common Types of Back Injuries

Your spine is an essential part of the movement and many functions of your body.

Back and spinal injuries can affect your overall quality of life, and car accidents can lead to various back injuries.

Back fractures, disc injuries, and severe sprains can occur from car accidents.
These injuries can be excruciating, causing stretching or tearing of muscles, ligaments, or back tendons.

They may leave you with a limited range of motion, swelling, bruising, extreme tenderness, and a lack of ability to perform even the simplest of daily tasks.

A herniated disc occurs when your spinal discs between the vertebrae of the spine are displaced.

A disc herniation will put pressure on the surrounding nerves that can cause back pain or numbness of your extremities.

All spinal cord injuries are concerning and need examining as soon as possible so you can start your road to recovery.

Treat Back Pain After a Car Accident

There are several ways you can manage your back pain after an auto accident.

Once you've visited a doctor and they've given you the go-ahead, you can try these pain management tips to reduce your back pain and speed up your recovery process.

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Rest, Ice, and Heat

Rest is vital in the healing process. Just be sure you don't rest too much.

Take some time off work to ensure you aren't sitting at a desk or on your feet all day.

Ice and heat will also help to reduce back pain.

It would be best to start with ice to make sure any swelling is gone and then transition to heat.

You can apply ice packs to your back for 15 minutes at a time to the injured area to reduce swelling.

Applying heat right away can increase swelling and bruising and extend your recovery time.

Heat will soothe tense muscles that tighten up as you struggle to manage your pain.

You'll naturally want to avoid moving your back which can lead to tense and rigid muscles.

Applying a hot water bottle to the injured area can help to improve blood flow, reduce tension, and provide pain relief.


Gentle Exercise

Again, typical injuries to your back can leave you feeling like you shouldn't move at all.

However, gentle exercise can help reduce your back pain after a collision.

Simple activities like walking around the block a few times a day will help you retain your muscle strength.

It will also improve blood flow to knotted and tense muscles in spine injuries.

It's important to retain muscle strength, especially with back injuries, as strong muscles support your spine to reduce long-term back pain.


Massage Therapy

In addition to massage, a massage therapist can show you a variety of simple exercises you can complete at home daily.

These stretches and exercises will keep you flexible and build your muscle strength to support the injured area.

Physical therapy treatments can also include manual therapies.

These reduce tension and stimulate circulation to certain areas.

Chiropractic care is excellent for back injuries

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is often considered the best solution for back pain and many other types of motor vehicle traffic injuries.

Chiropractic care can help people who have had their back injured in car accidents in various ways.

With chiropractic treatments, you will recover safely and faster than traditional treatments such as invasive surgery or pain medication.

Chiropractors will heal the source of your back injury without just masking the symptoms.

Chiropractic care does not include the use of hard pain drugs, so you can rest assured knowing that you are getting better without the risk of addiction or fear that their pain is only being masked.


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